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Breathe        Breath of Life        Precious

Would you like to breathe deeply and fully into your dignity? Human dignity is sourced in divine inspiration. Cradle the moment, hold it in solemn reverence; humbly expand into creation. Honor and feel universal love.

Healing Dignity is about healing your dignity, and with people important to you. This enhances the breath of life to unfold myriads of grace. Healing Dignity guides people to discover these myriads of grace and live moments of love and compassion, with strength and reverence, to cope with life and death challenges. Healing Dignity's primary focus is journeying with individuals, families, and communities experiencing end of life transitions.

Background bits

My life path includes decades as a data\telecommunications administrator, project manager, teacher, curriculum developer, author and editor. I gradually awakened to my heart' s yearning for a life more focused on people, not digital stuff. Over ten years ago, I listened carefully and answered the call.  I deeply respect and cherish all the significant challenges and powerful rewarding moments accompanying individuals, their loved ones, and communities along the path of healing dignity during life and death. Infinitely more meaningful.

Personally, and professionally, grace continues to guide and enable me to encourage and support people to live life serenely and fully through healing dignity. A profound privilege. Life with dignity means honoring all moments with compassionate awareness.  Compassionate awareness connects our inner selves with the outside world with loving kindness. 






Private homes, palliative and hospice care organizations, assisted living and skilled nursing residences, community support groups, incarceration mentoring programs, universities, municipal organizations such as Council on Aging and Office of Aging are examples or conscious collectives it has been, and are, an honor to serve.

I am deeply humbled and grateful for the opportunity to heal dignity and cultivate empathy with anyone as a certified End-of-Life Doula (EOLD.) Get in touch for an initial consultation. Together we will assess your needs, how I can help, the scope of work, determine the best solution, and suggest resources.

Honoring Individuals, Dear Ones, Caregivers, & Communities.


Your wishes and dignity permits my passion and calling for authentic and substantive heartfelt work one-on-one. 

Dear Ones

Families of origin or chosen close circle of dear ones are a part of sacred space; we can work together. 


Expertise authoring or editing newsletters; interactive workshops to promote death discussions without fear.


Accompany individuals, families, caregivers, and communities to honor healing and dignity while living, dying, and in death.


Dignity Compassion Respect Integrity

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